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Sizes 00 - 5
$350 (black)
$425 (Colored)
Classic II Heavyweight Sizes 00 - 5
$350 (black)
Not Avail
Tiger II Heavyweight Sizes 0 - 5
$350 (black)
$425 (Colored)
Dreamline Heavyweight Sizes 0 - 5
$350 (black)
$425 (Colored)

Full Fit

These bowls are stocked in the USA. Prices are for a matched set of 4 black bowls.
All bowls in inventory are black with dimple grips.
Tiger, Tiger II and Dreamline bowls are made in the new ergonomic hand fit.

Classic bowls are no longer stocked but can be special ordered in black (00-5).

Ergo Fit

Special order options on any set


Colored or speckled bowl orders may entail a 3-4 month lead time,
though please call first as we have a number of colors in stock- cost $425.

Any model of bowl can be ordered gripped or ungripped, in special weights and sizes. Call to discuss.
Specific engraving (over 2000 to choose from)
Personal engraving (your custom design)
Lettering (between outer and inner rings)
Jack Engraving (up to 2 lines - 7 letters each)

When special ordering bowls, please specific your color choices (dimples are never painted) and your choice of engraving (Call to discuss - See main categories below). See Order Info. for more details.


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