Grippo jar.jpg
GRIPPO $6 / JAR OR $72 BOX OF 12

WILGRIP  $4 / tube or $120 / box of 30


Concentrated Sports Grip

Suitable for use in all weather conditions

Waterproof qualities and extra “tackiness’.

GRIPPO  $5 / tube or $150 / box of 30

The best selling bowls polish in the world.

Assists with grip and easy to apply.

To use, apply sparingly to surface of bowl, allow to dry, polish with soft bowls cloth or polishing sleeve

CHAMPION  $8.50 / can


Convenient pressure pack that provides an excellent grip and sheen to your bowls.

Shake can before each application from a distance of approx. 4 inches

Spread chanmpion grip over the complete surface.

Allow to dry briefly and then polish in the usual manner.

BULLDOG  $5 / bag


Clean, convenient to use. Store it in your pocket whilst bowling, allows for a smooth controlled delivery.

Soften by squashing it between the heels of the hand. Once it has been softened it can be applied by lighlty rolling it on the finger tips. This applies a thin film to the fingertips providing positive grip with the bowl.

Ideal for wet weather play.

Convenient to use and will not stain clothing.

BETT'S  $5 / tube or $100 / box of 20


Popular combination polish and grip. Adds lustre to bowls when polished and adds grip when applied to fingers.

Simply massage Betts all over the bowl, then polish.

Provides good grip and perfect control.

POLISHING SLEEVE  $8 There is no better way to polish your bowls than with our sleeve. Buy it separately or in a GIFT PAK  $14 (Grippo, cloth & sleeve).